Red Clouds in the Sunset


Know by the its traditional Indonesian name - Mega Mendung - the Mighty Clouds, this is a hand-drawn Batik pattern from the city of Cirebon, in West Java.  It is a traditional pattern which holds much symbolism and dates back to the 16th century, when the Sunan Gunungjati (King) married  Queen Ong Tien from China, heralding the new beginning that merged much of two cultures - the Javanese with the Chinese. Thus, giving rise to the design of the Mega Mendung, The Mighty Clouds.

Red Clouds in the Sunset

  • Sabrina Medium Size

    As with all Sabrinas, they are hand made from unique fabrics, and are therefore one of a kind. Your Sabrina may differ slightly from what you see in the photos, but rest assured she will be fantastic.

    Base length:  about 13.5 - 14in, 34.29 - 35.56cm

    Base width:  about 2.5 - 3in, 6.35 - 7.62cm  tapering to 1 - 1.5in, 2.54 - 3.81cm on the other end

    Height from base to handle top:  about 15 - 15.5in, 38.1 - 39.37cm

    *All measurements provided are approximate.