A Singaporean product, our JoY facemasks are lovingly sewn from beautiful fabrics, and specially designed for your comfort.


In the StrangebutCool way, we repurpose gorgeous silk ties and gave them a new life! Introducing our CeCe JoY facemask. Adding a spin to being “dapper” and completing a gentleman’s dressing with the new normal in accessorising.


Every CeCe JoY is crafted in our uniquely StrangebutCool design which features,


- A body made from overlapping layers of fine cotton and silk.

- A layer of fabric interface to provide the structure and durability

- A 3-D foldable origami design and found only in our JoY masks.

- An inner pocket for a filter to be added for extra protection.

- Reusable, washable, and easy to care for.

- Light weight and slim in style for use

CeCe in Red

  • Length from side to side : about 19.5cm

    Width from nose bridge to under chin : about 16cm