A Singaporean product, our JoY facemasks are lovingly sewn from beautiful fabrics, and specially designed for your comfort.


In the StrangebutCool way, we repurpose gorgeous silk ties and gave them a new life! Introducing our CeCe JoY facemask. Adding a spin to being “dapper” and completing a gentleman’s dressing with the new normal in accessorising.


Every CeCe JoY is crafted in our uniquely StrangebutCool design which features,


- A body made from overlapping layers of fine cotton and silk.

- A layer of fabric interface to provide the structure and durability

- A 3-D foldable origami design and found only in our JoY masks.

- An inner pocket for a filter to be added for extra protection.

- Reusable, washable, and easy to care for.

- Light weight and slim in style for use

CeCe in Golden Emerald

  • Being a reusable and washable silk face mask, CeCe JoY should be hand washed in soapy water after every wear.  Being of 5-ply construction, squeezed between a towel to remove excess water so as to allow faster drying.  Sun or airdry your mask and if you are inclined, when dry, iron CeCe JoY to keep it well pressed for your next wear.

    Please do not boil, nor use bleach in the wash, nor keep your mask sodding wet after a wash.  With simple care and luv, your CeCe JoY will last you many wears, protect and keep you stylishly dapper!

    As all masks have been sanitised with Dettol for safety and assurance, we strongly suggest that your CeCe JoY be washed before your first use.