JoY, our StrangebutCool face mask

Our mission, delivering JoY to you through conscious change one day at a time.

JoY face mask was born during a time of uncertainty that called for us to pivot and innovate without steering away from our core message -  to inspire a conscious change, starting with you. 

Each JoY face mask is handcrafted with beautifully sourced fabrics that are cut and sewn into our in-house design, ensuring you are provided with a comfortable fit for daily use.

Behind the creation of the JoY is Tina, the Woman behind StrangebutCool. A master in her craft, she brings beauty, style and most importantly, function adding a little joy to every face mask. 

Since April 2020, we have brought over 1500 JoYs to our communities and hope to continue bringing more JoY to you!