JoY” as we call our facemask, was launched in March 2020. 

She was born from the necessity of giving my husband a mask to wear during the worldwide lockdown, which led to our StrangebutCool solution, JoY. 


JoYs are sewn by Tina, the Woman at StrangebutCool. The fabrics used in sewing our JoYs come from our special Atelier collection, giving JoY her unique and fashionable look.

Our commitment is to provide you with a quality face mask that is protective, stylish and easy to care for.  It is about protecting the ‘we’ in a simple fashion accessory that we hope you will love and used daily.


CeCe JoY

In the StrangebutCool way, we repurposed gorgeous silk ties and gave them a new life!  Introducing our CeCe JoY facemask. Adding a spin to being “dapper” and completing a gentleman’s dressing with the new normal in accessorising.  Cut to the same specifications as our popular JoYs, each CeCe JoY provides comfort in wear and a distinct quality in style!

CeCe JoY falls under our “Conscious Change, Repurposing into Fashion” initiative, where something used, gets a chance of reinvention and a second life.  Going together with each CeCe Joy are comfortable T-shirt ribbons for ear-loops, combining another item given a new life.

Why wear a Reusable Mask?

The new single-use waste item that is turning up on land, in waterways and in the oceans is the single-use disposable face mask. 


Disposal and surgical masks are made from a non-woven, spunbond, polypropylene fabric which in essence, is a non-biodegradable material.


With the Covid-19 pandemic gripping the world, many countries are not just seeing an increase in their single-use plastic consumption and waste, but the addition of disposal masks joining the ranks of plastic bottles, containers, bags, straws and other casually thrown away items.

It may well be, that wearing a mask becomes part and parcel of the “new normal”; and looking at the long run, is wearing a disposal mask a sustainable option?


The concept of a washable, reusable mask, makes perfect sense. One's own health is important, but so is the health of the planet.

Think about it, you are either part of the solution or part of the problem.

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