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Candy Dots in Red and White - Sabrina (L)


Candy Dots in Red & White

Sabrina - Chapter 1, Kain

A bouquet of flowers European in style, executed in the traditional hand-drawn Batik technique.  

These floral arrangements comprising petals of blues, greens, blacks and brown are contrasted upon a red and white, poke-a-dotted, hand-cap background, making this a happy piece!  

Adding further dimension, each floral panel is decorated with tiny motifs adorning each petal, giving a layered appeal to the flowers.

This Batik is typical of the colourful Kain done in Solo, Java.

Sabrina L Size

As with all Sabrinas, they are hand made from unique fabrics, and are therefore one of a kind. Your Sabrina may differ slightly from what you see in the photos, but rest assured she will be fantastic.

Base length:  about 16 - 16.5in, 40.64 - 41.91cm

Base width:  about 2.5 - 3in, 6.35 - 7.62cm, tapering to 1 - 1.5in, 2.54 - 3.81cm on the other end

Height from base to handle top:  about 18.5 - 19in, 46.99 - 48.26cm

*All measurements provided are approximate.

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