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Sabrina and Henry-the-Cat - Sabrina (M)


Sabrina & Henry-the-Cat

Let’s talk about Henry… he is currently a 3-month old kitten, affectionate and expressive with a way of making his presence felt in my home atelier!  Henry takes a keen interest in my Sabrina's and he keeps us sane through our production runs!

Here we find Sabrina in a hand-cap batik piece with a totally sequined Henry-the-Cat adorning her.  

Fun and easy is the way and this pair will carry all your daily essentials happily!

Sabrina M Size

As with all Sabrinas, they are hand made from unique fabrics, and are therefore one of a kind. Your Sabrina may differ slightly from what you see in the photos, but rest assured she will be fantastic.

Base length:  about 13.5 - 14in, 34.29 - 35.56cm

Base width:  about 2.5 - 3in, 6.35 - 7.62cm  tapering to 1 - 1.5in, 2.54 - 3.81cm on the other end

Height from base to handle top:  about 15 - 15.5in, 38.1 - 39.37cm

*All measurements provided are approximate.

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