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Parang in Black and White - Sabrina (L)


A Parang in Black & White

Sabrina - Chapter 1, Kain

Another tradition Indonesian Batik pattern - The Parang was once, one of the Larangan designs reserved only for the royal courts of Yogyakarta and Surakarta.  Some Parang designs are worn exclusively by the King himself and remains so till today.

Parang - The Sword or the ‘Tongue of Fire’ pattern is related to the Keris ceremonial dagger.  It holds the symbolism of providing its wearer with strength, power, authority and agility.

For the Sabrina Tote Bags, we have used ‘Parang Baron’ a sacred pattern worn only by the King.  This name was derived from the translated words of ‘rock and lion’ and boldly consists of large flames or blades arranged in diagonal bands.  It is believed the motif would remind the King to be responsible, honest and just, and bestowing upon him both power and dignity.

Sabrina L Size

As with all Sabrinas, they are hand made from unique fabrics, and are therefore one of a kind. Your Sabrina may differ slightly from what you see in the photos, but rest assured she will be fantastic.

Base length:  about 16 - 16.5in, 40.64 - 41.91cm

Base width:  about 2.5 - 3in, 6.35 - 7.62cm, tapering to 1 - 1.5in, 2.54 - 3.81cm on the other end

Height from base to handle top:  about 18.5 - 19in, 46.99 - 48.26cm

*All measurements provided are approximate.

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