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Sabrina is a tote bag, sized to carry all your daily essentials.

It is for a trip to your favorite coffee-shop...
a pop out to lunch with the girls...
a shopping afternoon…
tea and cakes when the mood calls...
a supermarket necessity…
GTs and sundowner time...
It is the kind of bag that you take everywhere!

Chapter 1, Kain

Just in time for this festive period! Chapter 1, Kain - is a capsule of 6 designs available in 2 sizes - Medium and Large.  Each Sabrina is this Chapter is sewn from the traditional fabric of Indonesia - Batik, of the hand-drawn and hand-cap versions, on 100% natural fabric or ‘kain’ as we say in Bahasa Indonesia. We favour bold designs, interesting colours, and each Chapter is carefully chosen to be StrangebutCool in essence!

Chapter 2, Sabrina-Kelly & Her Sisters!

This Chinese New Year, Chapter 2 comes about.
It is a capsule of 4 designs available in 2 sizes - the Medium Tote and the Large Sling version. This Chapter - Sabrina-Kelly and her Sisters,
is all about bling and satin-silk on denim cotton chambray.
So complete your New Year’s look in StrangebutCool Sabrina style!


It is also in this Chapter
that we introduce
“Henry the Cat” to you.
He accompanies Sabrina in his bling version on a
cotton Sabrina Tote.

Chapter 3 - The Minis are in Town!

Ever so often, one just wants a mini purse.

So, our Sabrinas are in a mini size!
Perfectly fashioned to hold your wallet, lipstick,
keys or any small item - to be safe and
within easy reach.

Sabrina Mini - your favorite companion
as she tucks into any larger bag with ease. 
For the office lunch break, or a night out or any time out…
with Sabrina Mini, you are the envy of others!


What you could put into your Sabrina Mini…


In this Chapter 3 of Sabrina Minis they are sewn from 100% cotton,
with appliques of bees and wasps and lips… touching Sabrina with a bit of bling and spot colour!

Each collections is an exclusive Chapter and of limited production.
So what comes will go and re-makes of the same are far and few between!


Sewn from the traditional fabric of Indonesia - Batik, Sabrinas are made from hand-drawn and hand-cap versions, drawn on 100% natural fabric or ‘kain’ as we say in Bahasa Indonesia. We favour bold designs, interesting colours, and each capsule in a Chapter is carefully chosen to be StrangebutCool in essence!

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Adding to our on-going Chapters are limited-edition pieces - these maybe sewn from tribal fabrics, hand weaves, silk, linens, old denims; and are released periodically within the Sabrina line.

Watch out for these Chapters, as most often - they cannot be repeated!

The Sabrina for Conservation Awareness

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A percentage of Sabrina’s sales goes into the Sabrina for Conservation Awareness Fund. From this, we raise funds for projects that fall into 3 categories of - a social initiative, an environmental initiative and a wildlife initiative.

Each year we choose one initiative and one project to fit and focus on raising funds for it.


The StrangebutCool social initiative for 2019 is in partnership with the ROLE Foundation’s Bali WISE programme. It’s aim is the empowerment of young women, from marginalised communities on the island of Bali. It is through the combination of skills education and job placements of these young women that the Foundation tireless works for, leading to ‘a gainful employment with a quality employer’.

Be a part of the StrangebutCool world, support our Sabrina for Conservation Awareness Fund and make the difference in changing lives, saving our oceans and helping to prevent the extinction of a species.