The Seed Project

In 2009, Bernard and I started keeping all the glass bottles that came into our home.

After a year of this, we had a lot of bottles!  So, we decided a glass bottle wall should be built.


It took almost 2 weeks of working with my builder to get this done, and it is the forever Christmas wall when the lights go on behind it! 
That was the first of my many ‘repurpose’ projects.

Fast forward to 2016, the idea of setting up a space for ‘repurpose things’ gave the idea of the Seed Project.  The aim is to showcase and sell fashion accessories and homeware made from throw-away items.  It started to take on a life of its own and in 2018, we built an extension to our building to house the Seed Project. 

Copy of IMG_5385.jpg

One of the most popular products in The Seed Project is our repurposed glasses - cut from wine bottles, sauce bottles, whiskey bottles, any bottle! and has 2 walls of shelves for displaying these.  Each glass container has a statement etched into it and to read them always brings a smile!

The Seed Project is evolving, a line of handbags made from plastic containers is in the making as well as the Tassel-kid, being big tassels made with plastic bottle top sections.  And soon, a line of repurposed
t-shirts Sabrinas, displayed on The Paper Doll will join.

Our aim is to evoke a mindset of Conscious Change.  To show that with a will, some thought and the gumption to make something, we can make good from trash!  And to realise that a throw-away mentality does not work in the long run of trying to save our oceans and our world.

My hope is that the Seed Project, with its tag-line ‘Repurposed with Luv, make it a better place for you and for me’ simple as it is, will plant a seed of change with each glass, each Tassel-kid, each Sabrina bought.  And to reach out with our Conservation Awareness Message of - Be cool,
say no to single-us plastics!

Join in our Seed Project and be of similar mind, to look and find a repurpose aim for your throwaways. 
It is always cool to make wondrous and strange things!