The Story of Sabrina

The Sabrina started as an idea - ‘something’ to link our Atelier business and the Museum of Vintage Bags to the bigger, global picture of waste less, repurposing and helping to save the environment.

This idea turned into a purpose we had to share to start growing a larger social consciousness - of changing habits in the way we accept single-use plastics readily and discard them without much thought.

To finally create her, we chose the traditional fabric of Indonesia - Batik. Sabrinas are sewn from hand-drawn and hand-cap versions, on 100% natural fabric or ‘kain’ as we say in Bahasa Indonesia.

We favour bold designs, interesting colours and showcase her in Chapters found in The Shop-on-Line for your purchase.

Wanting to do all of this, the Sabrina Tote was created.

Copy of DSC_0580.jpg

Sabrina aimed for a design simplicity and working on the principles of Japanese Origami, she is very easy to use and is in essence -
your everywhere bag!


In combination with Sabrina, we added our Max 4 Bigger Things (a repurposed plastic water bottle container) into the equation and created through them our Sabrina for Conservation Awareness Message -
‘Be Cool, say no to single-use plastics’ in a fashion item!

Copy of DSC_0588.jpg

In purchasing your Sabrina, the Max 4 Bigger Things is our gift to you. Max is made from a repurposed plastic water bottle that forms the base of a drawstring container made in our Atelier.

Max comes to you in A Kit, allowing you to make your very own piece by repurposing a plastic water bottle where you are.

Max is our ‘thank you’ for believing in us and standing with us to make a difference. May they be your tools of encouragement, to be an action station wherever you may be, with whom ever touches your life, to talk about your journey, your message of change, to say ‘Be Cool, say no to single-use plastics’ and more!

Browse The Shop-On-Line, buy a Sabrina and support our Sabrina for Conservation Awareness Message outreach. Work with us to make a difference! Come chill and share a bit of your day in StrangebutCool and
A Museum of Vintage Bags..

Don't wait… shop Strangebutcool!


The Tag and The “A” card

No two Sabrinas are alike. Though they may be cut from the same piece of fabric, as the nature of anything hand done, there are small differences and this makes your piece uniquely, yours!

In wanting to ensure this a step further and to personalise your Sabrina, we created, repurposed from Tetra packs, the Tag and its accompanying “A” Card - Authentication Card.

One special serial code, per set of Tag and Card, is matched respectively to each Sabrina that comes from our Atelier.

To ensure this works we need your help to do one easy thing - please email Sabrina at your name with the special serial code that comes with your Sabrina and we will do the rest.

Enjoy your many moments with Sabrina knowing she is specially yours!