A Note from Tina…

Welcome to A Museum of Vintage Bags... where old bags hang! Asia’s first Museum of Vintage Bags in Bali. The collection amazes with its display of beauty, design and glamour of fashion through the history of handbags.

The collection spans the years from the Art Deco period of 1920’s through to the 1990’s, and is housed within the walls of StrangebutCool, a grey and white stripe painted abode at Jalan Danau Poso 111 in Sanur, Bali. It is a must visit for any occasion, any reason and for the “curious and curiouser.”

My personal collection of over 1,000 vintage bags, distilled into the first Museum and showing over 450 pieces, awaits your visit. Each one is unique and beautiful, with iconic pieces defining the design styles of their time, graceing the frames on our walls. Together with my vintage Dior, Chanel, Lacroix and others names dressing mannequins, one sees the complete picture of handbags and clothing coming together in my personal style!

In the Museum, these beauties walk you back in time, showcasing a very important piece of fashion accessory - the handbag!

Enjoy my silliness of collecting!





My Story

Somewhen along the way, a trip to New York in the 1990’s, where in a vintage shop in Soho, I held my first vintage Lucite handbag. It was exquisite and I was in love! From that first touch, grew a passion and a collection of vintage bags and jewellery that complimented my fashion style of StrangebutCool!

Copy of IMG_2372.jpg

Looking back much further, it really started with my mother’s dainty, black, pillbox handbag by designer Michels Drew.  I remembered photos of her carrying it, a fashion forward young woman in the 1950’s. One day she said ‘T, this is for you!’ and gave me that dainty, black, pillbox handbag! My first vintage handbag and it was beautiful!  It was refined, so well made and carried everything I needed.

Fast forward to a faithful day in early 2006 as I stood in my Boutique of Vintage Handbags, I knew I had the start of yet another business.

Welcome to A Museum of Vintage Bag… where old bags hang!