Conscious Change

Everything starts and ends with you.

Think about it…

At StrangebutCool, our coming of age as a business that started in 1999, was in 2016. It was a tossing of a water bottle from an unknown motorcycle rider, which rolled and ended at my feet that made me see that plastic rubbish was everywhere!

It has become worse, not only in Bali but globally. The sea is the dumping ground, and all the tragic images we see of marine life suffering and plastics gobble-up-ing the land is here to stay for a very, very, very long time.


I think you get the picture! So, what can you and I do about this? There are several roads to take but the one that will make an impact is that of ‘conscious change’ to self. How do we change our relationship to the use of plastic - single-use plastics most of all. To change a habit will not happen overnight, but if we keep it top-of-mind, the small changes will make all the difference. Saying “no” to plastic bags and using reusable shopping bags to drinking from a refillable water bottle instead of buying more plastic bottles, and even planning take-out meals so we use reusable containers instead. These are lessons we can teach our children to do things differently so the next generation to inherit the Earth, will still have her green with all the wonders of the land and sea.

Reading the material, scientific and layman have written abounds on the plastic deluge that we are living in, we cannot feign ignorance. Could it be cultural habits of the past, when palm leaves thrown away were degraded into the soil and we are expecting the same of plastic bottles? Could it be the lack of education and laziness? We could ask more questions, but the fact remains that our plastic genocide is real, and a Conscious Change must come about.

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For StrangebutCool, our wheel of Conscious Change is in our Sabrina for Conservation Awareness Message - “Be Cool, Say No to Single-Use Plastics. We take this seriously and apply it to our business and work towards having a zero-waste mindset in what we do. It has made us rethink many areas of our production and how we work with suppliers, teaching them to not wrap our products in plastic and to be mindful of waste. We have good-days and bad-days but the bigger picture is to make the shift.

It is our challenge as a fashion-forward business to change wheels by planting mustards seeds with our Sabrina and Max duo. Making repurposing a cool and clever way of making fashionable things for our Seed Project’s collection of Tassel-Kids and our water and wine glasses.

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Join us in our journey and aim for your Conscious Change!

Be a part of our StrangebutCool world!